Tuesday 5 December 2017

Tooting Time For Susan

First up is Susan's totally toot-toot-toot-a-bubble, single bed size quilt with colours and fabrics perfect for any young teenager and forward in years. Quilt colours and designs for teenagers are probably the hardest to choose, especially for the young guys... Susan has it spot-on... In my very own opinion, of course.

A musical themed fabric (Art Gallery Luxury to touch!) for the backing and those left over squares tie the whole project together perfectly, the lucky guy is a music lover you see. So, for this Fabulous and finished project we shall toot, toot toot.

During class Susan quilted her very own Six Pack lap quilt, she chose to Stitch In The Ditch... and she's very good at it! (not Ditch Hopping that I seem to be an expert at!) The binding was machine sewn on... and, Lick-etty-split... the hand stitching was done too.

So, just before the ladies all packed up for going home time, Susan held up her second totally toot-a-bubble, fabulous and finished large lap quilt (Large size lap quilt not large lap!! ha ha ha). A blue and white Angie's Six Pack with...

A most wonderful Art Gallery fabric for the backing.
Absolutely fabulous... this one is a keeper!

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