Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sandwich Saturday

All Day Di sandwiched her Soul Music T-Shirt quilt and now she has the task of quilting it. She's super excited to get it done now. Any customers popping into the shop while Di was pinning were quite amazed by this project. 

Christabelle's sandwich was next to be done. As she pinned it she was planning her quilting... there will be both Walking Foot and Free Motion stitching done. At least that was the plan I heard.

Jean (no beans) came to make her sandwich next. You have probably noticed that there is a border missing, Jean ran out of border fabric at home so, rather than miss out on her Sandwich Saturday slot, we decided to sandwich anyway... it's quite easy to add a missing border at this stage, she purchased a bit more fabric so I'm sure it will be done by now.

Not exactly a sandwich, but when the tables are all pushed together, there's a huge space that's great for deciding on block placement. Sometimes we need to see them all laid out don't we. Norma and myself placed and switched around until she was happy, then she labelled each block in hopes of keeping that very same plan... but we all know Norma loves to go off piste! You can't go wrong with Beautiful Batiks though, it will be splendid.
Our next Sunday Funday Sewday will be on 17th February. I know it's a little close to the last one but the hall was booked up for all the other weekends... so I've been canny and booked us up for January and February 2020!! ha ha ha
Anyway... check your diaries an let me know if you will be booking up. I know I said we have no limit on numbers but after we reached 27 last time I realised I should check it all out, tables etc.
So, maximum number is 32 machine sewers... hand stitchers can use round tables so we can flexicate!!! (I know, I made it up!)

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