Wednesday, 27 February 2019

I Found It!!!

My Perfect Purple Camera... I can't say it was lost because I knew it was here somewhere... I only look for it when I need to take a photo so all the in between times it just stayed 'misplaced'... I've actually found it now, it was in a place that I had already searched several times, duh!
So let's catch up a bit... 

After Gail admitting to finding forgotten quilts in her garage, Sporty Sue felt inspired to search to see if the quilt fairy had left her any unfinished jobs... Tadaaaa! Just like Gail, and inspired by Gail, Sue found a quilt top that she can barely remember making. It will be finished!!

Jean (not Beano) has been joining us for stitchy fun, Friday Quilt Club for a few weeks now. She'd been eyeing up the Beautiful Batik fabrics I have in my very own quilt shop... she eventually lost control of the urge to purchase and is now super excited with what she decided to make... No wonder !!

New Sue came to make a sandwich with her border free quilt top and her Border on the Back backing , I'm guessing this might be finished by now... you know how Sue works... Marathon training!!

Steph came to the Patch Pocket Apron workshop because she wanted to learn lots of things about her fabulous sewing machine, the Juki DZ 7. When we do Patchwork and quilting we tend to stick to the same few machine feet so Steph enjoyed learning just how brilliant this machine is.

Linda came to choose her backing fabric for this kennel of woofers... The pattern is an Elizabeth Hartman  design and is called 'Dogs In Sweaters' and what fabulously smart sweaters they have too. It's actually a doggy sandwich now but, I had no camera on sandwich day.

Monday Judy wanted to challenge her very own self by making a small tray quilt. She wanted to use lots of little pieces as she knows that the smaller they are, the more tricky they can be... They were tricky indeed she says! It's a fabulous Finish now, Toot toot toot

PM Pam made this sweet little quilt top. The Little pink Ballerina blocks are perfectly cute for the job. Pam is making 18 little gifting quilts in all and is well on her way to completing her goal. 24" square quilts are lovely to make....

Another of Pam's gifting quilts... She's having great fun telling people she finished another quilt and another quilt... I'm not sure she mentions that they are all small though... Is that cheating?

This is the back of that last quilt... It's lovely to flip a quilt over to find it's just as cute on the back isn't it... And it's also a fabulous finish so, Toot toot toot Pam.

Christabelle spent the whole morning doing Free Motion quilting on this gifting quilt... meandering all over the place, and she made it look easy.... That's because she practices, and what does practice make??? Perfect... achy shoulders !!! ha ha ha

Gail opted to quilt her second garage found quilt using her Walking Foot and steadily Stitching in the ditch she's getting quite a dab hand at it too, very little ditch hopping!

Rose added all the little filler bits of background fabric to her rows of swans and was able to get them all stitched together... A fabulous, finished quilt top for us to admire. See how Rose has coloured their feathers to have light to dark swans, with a little rebel, dark fellow going the wrong way in a different direction... It's not wrong to be different, we know that!

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