Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Stitching News With Tooting

I might well have declared that I had located the perfect purple camera but that hasn't helped me much with photo taking... people are so fast at packing their projects away that most days I have completely missed out. I don't think they (lovely though they are!) realise that I only have a quilt shop to make my blog more interesting!! I don't even know whether anyone reads it really, but I love looking back at all the project pictures and stories. Did you know that I started this blog way back in 2008? Lots of quilt blog writers have stopped posting, at least the many I have looked at, but I continue... here goes today...

I told you it would be finished lick-etty-split! New Sue wastes no time at all. This is a fabulous and finished gifting quilt and, luckily for us, the recipient has to wait until next week to get it because Sue wanted us to have good toot toot tooting time.... Little Four-Patches are lovely.

This is the back... That Four-Patch strip in the centre was the border on the front at one point... Excellent job Sue, and toot toot too for your fabulous and finished gifting quilt.

One beginner cushion made by a lovely lady called Sheila.
She arrived before the birds with all her paraphernalia...
She learned so many new and useful things... I heard her declare it!

Including a backing with a zip.
Flap made using a leftover strip from making the front.
Fabrics not from my shop!
Toot toot toot Sheila

Sporty Sue came to make her garage found quilt top into a quilt sandwich. I did ask whether Sue had quilted last weeks sandwich yet... such a rude question!! Ha ha ha, anyway... Sue has two quilts waiting to be quilted and has now started another top with 10 inch blocks... but it won't be huge!! We have heard that before!

Chris CAT was adding borders to this lovely teddy quilt. It's a Kids Quilts pattern and Chris has been commissioned to make it. It's a lot of work but look how lovely it is now!! Backing will be next. I feel a sandwich coming on!

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