Sunday, 24 March 2019

Our March Retreat

I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful few days we had. So much laughter, good food and sewing happened... The weather was glorious, a little bit breezy but truly glorious... I had my bedroom windows open the whole time we were there.

My room looked out onto the back garden of the hotel... so lovely. Actually, the views are lovely everywhere around Alison House. One morning good and early, after a good old scrub in the tub, I was looking out and decided to embrace the good feeling... So I made my coffee, pulled the chair to the window and sat, naked!! with my feet up drinking the lovely hot brew with the breeze blowing in and with birds twittering (though they could have been laughing at the pretty sight, ha!... it was wonderful!! Just what I needed... until breakfast... which was and is ALWAYS wonderful!

I took the perfectly purple camera with me to snap piccies of all the projects we were working on... and/but... as you might expect, I forgot all about it! This is the Garden room where we spend all those happy hours laughing and sewing. It's the Saturday night, just after dinner, before a few of the others came back to sew.
If you ever plan on organising a retreat... not just quilting or sewing, I must tell you that the Alison House Hotel, facilities, the food and the wonderful friendly staff  can't be recommend highly enough. And so say all of us!
We have all been a little low this week.... we were so excited to be going on our retreat, and now we have been!... but ... there is a sewing sunday coming up for April 28th... A wonderful mini retreating day!

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