Tuesday 26 March 2019

Stitching News

Merrily had these few T-Shirts left over from the main project (which will be hanging in the Uttoxeter Quilt Show to inspire you to get T-Shirting!!) This little number will be an extra surprise for the lady that commissioned Merrily to make the larger quilt in the first place.

Merrily's favourite method for making larger quilts is to divide the quilt up into manage-a-bubble size units, then get them all quilted and trimmed up... and finally Apartment-ly join them all together with co-ordinating sashing... this one was made in three long units... Toot toot toot Merrily, another fabulous and finished project!! I wonder what she will do next? Never 'run of the mill' with Merrily!

Annbacan has been working on this enormous quilt for quite a number of months... that doesn't sound as long as years does it, ha! This is all quilted in sections then joined together, but not with sashing... see, there is more than one way to get these large projects finished...

It also allows for all sorts of different designs for the backs... making quilts double sided, cunning eh? Toot toot toot Annbacan, finally it's a fabulous and finished quilt.

A fanfare for a fabulous finish is required for Princess Jackie, I'm not going to mention anything about Jackie making the Twister Heart Cushion alongside Gail... they decided to work on them together... but, Gail made two and already gifted them a while ago! Toot toot toot Jackie.

And a toot toot toot-etty-toot for this absolutely fabulous finish, a wall hanging, also by Princess Jackie. So beautiful with the tiniest details, (The quilt not Jackie, ha ha ha)... Those little teeny-weeny circles!! Bright and very colourful and quite breathtaking to most of us... I don't think Gail made one yet, unless there's one lurking in the magic garage?

Christabelle spied chance to get a baby sandwich made, ha ha ha. OK, I jest, it's a quilt being made  for a baby, you knew that! Christabelle enjoyed making this one and it gave her a short break from the trials and struggles with... 
This one!!! Wowzers.... This project has given Christabelle (not to mention my very good self!) plenty of grief... but, as you can see, my goodness it's going to be rather spectacular when it's complete.

Princess Jackie has also been constructing these Dwight blocks, there are 6 in all and have been made in the beautifully soft Moda Brushed Cottons, scrummy to the touch! Not the best photo I've taken with the perfect Purple Camera, Jackie was just laying them out to choose where each will be placed.

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