Sunday, 10 February 2019

Stitching News With Tooting

Merrily finished her fabulous Band T-Shirt Quilt. All of the T-Shirts were well washed and worn and have great sentimental value to their owner. The quilt has been made as a surprise, and what a surprise it will be when it is gifted!! Merrily is working on a second, slightly smaller quilt with the rest of the T-Shirts... The quilt is hanging on my classroom wall for a week or two if you would like to pop in to see it with your very own eyes.

The guy who will own the quilt had many Motorbikes over the years so Merrily added the names of many of them to the back panels... applique writing in the colours of the bikes... such a lot of thought has gone into this project. Apartment joined panels made the quilting do-a-bubble. Toot toot rock-itty-toot Merrily... it's a fabulous and finished memory quilt.

Pam has another baby on the way... a friend is doing it... not Pam... So when baby appears, and who knows when that will happen with babies these days? Pam is good and ready for gifting this little quilt. The quilting is a random design that Pam thoroughly enjoyed stitching. Toot toot toot Pam

Actually, this might be the baby gifting quilt... Pam's made and finished so many little quilts of late that I can't keep up with each story. It's a good job they are both fabulous and finished in good time and we can remain guessing which quilt is which!! A new game?

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