Wednesday, 20 May 2020

How Things Changed

As I've been out for my daily exercise and shopping for folk, I've noticed that loads of people have had a skip on their home frontage. It's evident that there has been a lot of garage and loft (attic) organising and clearing. That's a good use of time I think. Those are jobs that we tend to put off because of the enormity of the very thought of even starting the task... not to mention avoiding finding spiders!!
My loft is now all sorted... 
In a tin case I found, right near the smaller darker nooks... OK, so I'm lying to you now... really it was my son Mikie who was up in the scary place... I was catching stuff at the bottom of the ladder!
Anyway, in said tin I discovered my very own secondary school reports, amongst lots of other memories.
I had to laugh when I sat and read through them... I could apparently, have tried harder!!! 
My Needlework report was a hoot... How things have changed!

I sent pictures of my reports to a few of the ladies, apparently this very same teacher taught them in their teenage years too. It is a small world. 

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