Friday 29 May 2020

On Monday 15th June

I will open up my shop for appointments only. 
I will review the situation as needed.
Feel free to call me 07807530441 to book a slot. 

If you only require wadding, or anything that does not need "Choosing Time" I'll try to offer Click and Collect so you won't need a shop entering appointment. Call 07807530441 or email your list to 

How I plan to do it... 
Before your appointment, make sure you have been to your very own loo at home before coming to my shop.
When it is your turn to enter my lovely shop, you will wash your hands thoroughly.
You will then be able to do your shopping, keeping a safe distance from me!  

I suggest.....
Make a list of what you think you need. 1 Hour passes very quickly. 
I will not be touching your projects so you must do your very own measuring and calculating.
If you require wadding, you can order it to be cut ahead of your trip, give me the measurements when you book your slot so you don't have to wait for me to cut pieces from the big rolls.

Other info...
Neither classes, sandwich making sessions not workshops are allowed.
I expect they could resume in September. 

I intend to re-schedule all workshops that didn't happen because of Covid 19.
If you booked a workshop and paid a deposit, that deposit will be transferred to the new date.
If you prefer, you can have a credit note to spend your deposit in my shop.
Unfortunately... Village Halls remain closed.
Our June Sunday Fun--day Sewday will not go ahead. 
The July Sunday Fun-day Sewday is also very likely to be postponed. 
All Sunday Fun-day Sewday payments are safe and will be transferred to a later date.

Once my shop is open, PLEASE, call before you come to check on the situation. 
Angie 07807530441

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