Saturday, 13 March 2021

Scrap Basket, Potting!

It's been a while since I played with the coiled fabric baskets. I had 30 metres of cord already wrapped, it's actually been waiting for me to use it for over 3 years!! No idea why I didn't use it before. 

Once the centre is stable the zig-zagging can start. One thing to remember for the baskets is that the bobbin thread colour it going to be on the outside of the coiled pot.
I tried to make a more oval shape for my centre. I used a brown variegated thread because it needed using up, you know I don't waste anything! I don't really like the thread brand for quilting but it's fine for 'Potting'
The most exciting bit is when the flat base is big enough and you can start to go up for the sides, such excitement!!! 
2 days later...Though, Obviously, not a whole two days sewing, much as that would be very enjoy-a-bubble... It didn't happen. One Coiled Fabric Basket... with handles. Not as oval shaped as I wanted really, but still very useful.
I hadn't use up the whole of my ready-wrapped 30 metres of cord so I was able to make this very much Oval shaped basket with what was left... much better oval.

Then I had a request for shorter handles so I had to undo (rip off) the first basket ones... That is a satisfying job... just a good, strong yank but blimey it makes a lot of thread mess! Ill have to pick all those short bits off before I use it again. I wonder when I will finish re-sewing the basket now? Don't roll your eyes!

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