Monday, 8 March 2021

Stitching News

 Thank you for the pictures ladies

My Mum Gwynneth had a special request for some new quilted cushions....  Instructions were "Not too colourful" (Men!!)  The guy loved a quilt mum had made a while ago, he claimed it! So, she made the cushions to match... it's my brother! tricky tricky tricksy!!!... but he loved the Maple Leaf design and the Autumnal colours... happy Cushions, Thank goodness!!! They were finished and gifted last week.

Farmer Lynda is terrified of triangles!!! She tells me all the time that she is afraid of them... as do quite a few other customers to be honest... There's really no need to be frightened... So I challenged Lynda to make Hour Glass Blocks for an Hour Glass quilt, this's a free pattern!! It only took a couple of tries, a few top tips from yours truly (video calls!!!)... Look how accurate Lynda made the Hour Glass Blocks!!!

There's been a spurt of enthusiasm on the farm.... 
Look how many Hour glass units Lynda made!!! 
It's almost a Quilt... The backing has been planned too... whoop whoop

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