Friday 12 March 2021

Six Pack, Split Hour Glass Quilt

I was looking back on my blog and found this (below) post... had you seen it already?
I used 2 of my Angie's Six Packs and a couple of metres of the denim-ish blue colour Moda fabric to make the top. I still love this quilt. 

I'm planning on a plan to schedule a workshop to help you get started if you would like to make this quilt for your very own self? Top Tips for success will be included! There is a video how to out there on YouTube for the Split Hour Glass blocks... but, be careful if you watch it and go for it, it's a Bias recipe for disaster!

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Quilty Quarters

It's fair to say that since I opened up my very own quilt shop, there has been very little time for my own projects. Most stitching revolves around workshop preparation and shop sample quilts. A little bit of experimenting "Ooooh that looks interesting, let me see if it works" sewing and "How can I help that lady do that more successfully?" A few commissions have been thrown in to the mix too. 
7 years my bricks and mortar shop has been trading!! Who would have thunk it!! I order the fabrics for my shop in the same way I would shop for my very own personal stash, it's the only way I know how, not being a professional retailer, ha! So every shelf it full of fabric I have a plan for! No wonder I don't sleep well!... all those ideas and creative thoughts wizz around continually. 
Not so long ago I decided to cut some of my 'Six Packs' from ditzy fabrics. They sat there unloved for weeks, so I thought, I will use them, doesn't matter if they are not popular if I like them!!

This is what I made. A Split Hourglass design, with not so Ditsy flowers in my border. Now, I was appliqueing the border flowers on with the trusted and favourite Blanket Stitch, while we were on our Westhope retreat... last year, in May... so that shows you a clue of how long I have been making this project! I finished it on Tuesday this week. Free Motion quilted and Faux Piped Binding... It's hanging up in my very own shop if you would like to see it. Those Ditsy prints look great with a denim blue colour don't they! Toot toot toot for me, for my very own self? THIS is my very own fabulous finish, a lovely shop sample.

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