Sunday, 20 August 2017

New... Six Packs

I've had a brainwave... Don't roll your eyes, it's a good brainwave!
For all the years that I have been stocking and selling fabrics and notions... and surprisingly that's now totting up to over 8 years, I have never been a huge fan of the pre-cuts... I have liked a few, but not many... whether they be Jelly/Strip Rolls, Layer Cakes or Charm-ish packs... lots of companies call them different things but, at the end of the day... I still aren't a big fan of them... even though I know a lot of you love them. 
I don't carry many in my stock any more. I find most packs have a few fabrics in them that I don't really like or fabric colours or designs that I would prefer not to put together... this is my personal opinion and you can have your very own, that's fine.
I usually have a few Charm Packs in my shop, Moda ones. Some people like to make a quick project and the stitching together of 42 x precut 5" squares is perfect for that job... or is it? 
The resulting quilt, with the addition of a 4 or 5 inch border is still a little small in a practical way... a size just for the smallest laps! ha ha ha. 
Two Charm packs stitched together, plus a border or two however, makes for a fairly decent sized Lap quilt or Sofa throw though for any sized knee/lap.
So... back to my brainwave...
I decided to trial Six Packs... Each pack containing 42 x 6 inch squares of fabric. 21 designs and two of each of them. 
I have been cutting and cutting and arranging and packing for days.
I cut red and cream Six Packs first of all... it was so funny, while I was cutting the squares, customers were pre-ordering Six Packs so that got me to thinking... 
"This might be a good idea after all"
Having sold out of the red and cream ones in the first day. I decided to cut more.
I am racing to make the packs up into quilts to show how fabulous they can look... 

Red and Cream Six Pack sandwich
Black and Cream Six Pack sandwich

I also have Blue with Cream Six Packs ready.
I have Eye Spy Six Packs... at the moment they are 30 piece packs, I have a cunning plan in mind for those packs in the future as well.
So, that is my most recent shop news... but today is Sunday... I usually allow myself a bit of quality time in my very own Quilty Quarters... so I am off to do just that...
Have a great Sunday won't you?

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