Thursday, 31 August 2017

Bank Holiday, Wednesday

I have now tidied my shop ready for opening again and the return to 'normal'.. once all the windows were cleaned etc... I went back to my sewing, this could be classed as an addiction!! ha. Quilting doesn't actually make much mess, unlike Patchwork.

After not very long I realised that I need to draw the lines that I want to quilt... seems I can't sew/quilt in straight lines without guidelines... actually, I don't seem able to draw straight lines either... oh I had to unpick several stitches but I stayed calm... though why I decided on this design? 5 diamonds per coloured bit, tisk!
After completing only one diamond, with it's 5 circuits, I came home to Quilty Quarters and quilted a much simpler design on this Black and Cream Six Pack quilt. I love stitching shadow quilting and I can follow the seam lines... I didn't finish all of the quilting...

And I only hand stitched this much binding on my red and cream Six Pack quilt...
No holiday time left though.... production will just have to slow down.
No holidays left until Christmas now, eeek!!
Wait a minute... I lie to you... we have a retreat in October!!!
My very own Patchwork and Quilting shop in opening again today. I've had a fun few days.
Classes resume on Monday...
See you later?

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