Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bank Holiday Stitching, Sunday.

I played in Quilty Quarters on Sunday. Finally got all the border bits stitched to this top... which has been a tricky and rather mathemistic project due to some twit cutting just about everything to the wrong sizes... I wonder who she is? ha!

And because that "Twit" had cut sooooo many different (not wrong, but different) sized pieces of fabric there was enough to make a little quilt... Yes, that much/many wrong mathemisms!!!

I decided to quilt the smaller of the non-identical twins first... well, who wouldn't! I had a bit of a rummage in my Bits Of Batting/Wadding Box and found a long piece large enough to cut through and join to make a perfect fit and a further rummage in my very own little fabric stash found me a great and co-ordinating piece for the backing and binding. To stop myself going down to my very own shop again, to make my sandwich, I used the office carpet plastic mat thing that allows me to skid my chair around... worked perfectly!

I chose such a simple design, easy to mark and stitching from side to side so there were no ends to tie off...  that it was all quilted and fabulous, lick-etty-split.

So, quilting done,  I got the binding made, pressed in half and machine stitched on then hand stitched it to the back while listening to the radio... It's a very small quilt so it didn't take much more than 30 minutes... A good day's production?

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Sherry said...

Lovely quilts. I seem to be drawn to blue quilts. . . .even though blue is definitely not in my decorating scheme.

Thank you for some beautiful eye candy.