Tuesday 29 August 2017

Bank Holiday Stitching, Monday

So, first thing on Monday was to make the larger twin sandwich and... of course I went down to my very own quilt shop to use the tables! Oooops, I realised what a mess I had made on Saturday too. I decided not to use the perfect piece of backing fabric from my very own stash though as I found an even more perfect piece in my fabulous selection in the shop!! ha ha.... so I get to keep my bit for another 10 years!! ha ha ha

I bet you know what happened next... after finishing the blue sandwich... I didn't go home... I thought I should tidy up my mess from Saturday... but, what was the point of that when I would only make it all messy again so, I decided to finish the border piecing for this giant... took a few hours. Do you like it?

How about this angle?

And if you are missing my shop, here's another view...
The mess is over on the other side!

I don't think you can see the mess over by the window tables, so just look at my quilt top! I went home for a spot of lunch at this point. Then had a little rummage in my very own fabric stash. Chose some weird fabric for my backing and went back to my very own shop to make a large backing. Well blow me down if I didn't find a fabulous Amy Butler fabric that was perfect for the backing!!! ha ha ha Oh I spent 4 hours pattern matching it too. The sandwich had to be left half pinned, I had run out of time... so guess where I am going in a few minutes!

Once that large and rather fabulous quilt sandwich is pinned, I will set it to one side, which means hang it over the banister... because I want to quilt the small quilt first... even though this was actually the largest quilt yesterday!

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