Sunday, 20 August 2017

Fabulous And Finished

This was the first photo retrieved from the perfect purple camera
Rose's Hare's made using beautiful Batik fabric and a pattern from Monkey Buttons but not following it exactly... PMS (pleasing My Self) Rose loves the idea of 'winging it'... and 'Wing It' she does... It is one of those projects that looks great in a picture but in real life it is even more fabulous

Wow look at the back... Never any waste when we play with the backing for our quilts... Also you can see that Rose did a little Free-Wheeling for her quilting, some stitching done using the walking foot too. Toot toot toot Rose, your quilt is truly amazing!!! Uttoxeter Quilt show?

Fran Cupcake battled her way through the instructions for the Changing mat and bag pattern from ByAnnie... a full Changing Station. Is wasn't easy... but then lots of things are not easy when you don't know how aren't they? All the supplies are available in my very own shop too!

This is the bag and mat opened out, obviously! Zips and mesh pockets so you can see everything you packed and everything you forgot! ha ha ha. Fran says she learned lots of great and useful tricks and tips and methods while making the Changing Station so she will most definitely make more. Toot toot toot Fran, a fabulous finish.

Merrily's amazing quilt, a lovely story. In brief though... This is a very personal quilt.
All of the white bits were made from her daughter's wedding dress... Both ladies had made the dress many years ago and, as many people probably do, the dress was used for the one wonderful day then stored way. Daughter was inspired one day and she and Merrily came up with the idea of cutting it up to make this amazing quilt. All of the blocks mean something to the family, scottish connections etc. I hope they write the information in great detail to be kept with the quilt, it's all so very interesting and, when we are all just dust.... new quilters will want to read it.
Toot toot toot Merrily... what an amazing project!
My customers make the most amazing projects...
It makes me feel so very proud to know that my wonderful little Patchwork & Quilting shop can help so many of them with all these fabulous ideas!!!
Toot toot toot for my fabulous... but never finished little fabric Shop! ha ha ha

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