Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Bank Holiday Stitching, Tuesday.

As I said I would... As soon as I could, I went down to my very own, very well stocked, Patchwork and Quilting Shop to finish pinning my large quilt sandwich... I thought I should show you my wonderful backing fabric... pattern matched and all... I bet you can't pick out my join... but I place no dosh on that bet, ha!

I forgot to show you this from Saturday Stitching... though technically it wasn't all Saturday sewing as I had started quilting it on Tuesday and managed to do a bit of stitching here and there between customers over the week... but I did finish quilting it on Saturday, while my Lilly was knitting stitches. The binding is on, I did that yesterday, after finishing the large sandwich, and I'm hand stitching it to the back in short bursts. The quilt has been made using one of my new Six Packs 

I had things to sort out in the afternoon yesterday, like food shopping.. ha!
but as soon as I was able I got back to my machine... I drew guidelines and stitched loads of rows of quilting... I had decided to quilt diagonal lines like the little Twin, easy and very like-a-bubble, so in the end it was another good and  productive day. 

It's actually my last day off today and I'm determined to spend it chained to my sewing machines... fun fun fun! Retirement is a tempting thought... I've still got loads of projects to finish.

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