Monday 12 December 2022

Stitching News

Once again I'm having computer woes. I really need a new one but I'll keep persevering.
I wait and wait and wait with that little blue circle thing going round to tell me it's up to something and it drives me nuts. Anyway, I'm here now with a very sparce selection of piccys. Secret sewing for gifting means you can't know what lots of my customers are up to. 

This is Shirley's fabulous and finished table runner. Made in beautiful, warm Autumnal fabrics that were in the pack she purchased from my wonderful shop. Toot toot toot Shirley. Fabulous, Finished and displayed beautifully by the Legs of Lady Lidl!

I've done a few of these Bunting Cushions as workshops now. They've proved to be quite popular so I'll do more next year. This one belongs to Alaine, I think. It's the only one I have a picture of at the moment.

This is Shirley's too. It's the start of the Twister Wreath Table Topper, or wall hanging project? It can be made into whatever you like really. I think Shirley's will be a Table Topper this time.

I made a sandwich with my Cactus project. 
I've been quilting it a bit at a time.
I'll post more pictures when it's finished.

I commissioned my very own self to make this Hearts, Hugs & Kisses quilt. It's all the William Morris fabrics I could find in my stash. A very easy design to make up too. When someone is having a traumatic time, it's how I say the things I don't have words for. I'm A Quilter!!! ha. The quilt was gifted and the recipient was very pleased and now has warm knees.

Stitching!! I made lots of new Gift Vouchers for my very own shop. In the past I've hand painted them, this year they are stitched. Thanking goodness an 'A' is the same in reverse as it is the right way round, just saying, ha ha ha!!

I bet you are well into Sewing Prevention Season now?
Just, and only, ten more days and the nights will start to draw out!! Those days will get longer, hoorah hoorah.

This is the last week of classes until Monday January the 9th.
My shop will remain open for a further week, but not Wednesday, of course.

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