Wednesday 30 November 2022

Stitching News

These blog posts are getting a bit rare aren't they? ha! I used to write a blog post on most mornings, and now I don't. I think about it but the mornings are such a rush that I forget... almost straight away, or is that an age related thing? Answers on a postcard, handmade with fabric of course.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the last post, there's a lot of secret sewing going on in my classroom so, really, those pictures are not allowed yet.

This is Jan's Autumnal quilt top all stitched together. She chose to go luscious green for the centres and has hand stitched the Cathedral-ly-window-y bits, it does look fabulous. There are borders to go on next.
This is Shirley's sandwich being made. 
See how different they look with the change of centre colours? 
Colour is so amazing!!!

Shirley had plenty enough hot and spicy colours from her Autumnal pack to make this splendid table runner. It's one that is always popular, once one person makes it, others follow. It is a 'bagged' project and quite a fast make, should you need a quick gift? 
There might be a few in those secret projects I mentioned.

Sister Susie wanted to make a Twister Wreath wall hanging. This is the start, looks very simple so far eh! This is an interesting and very curious method. If you have never tried the 'Twister', you will be amazed. Google it!

We had a great, fun day at Checkley Village Hall for our Sunday Funday Sewday. We had quite a few new ladies join us for the first time who thought the concept was brilliant. Who doesn't love a One Day Sewing retreat with refreshments lunch provided!!
There's no time to meet up through sewing prevention season (more commonly known as December) so our Next one day retreat treat will be the last Sunday in January, weather permitting!!! ha ha ha

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