Wednesday 4 January 2023

A Little Catch up.

Welcome 2023, I'm sure it will be another Great Quilting Year!
I thought I'd pop in for a little catch up, hoping you all either happily enjoyed the festivities or are happy it's all done and dusted. I'm the latter.

The first week of my little break whooshed by much too quickly, I actually worked my volunteer job pretty much none stop for several days, that's the 'thing' with bar work though isn't it.
I didn't get into my Quilty Quarters for quite a while. Sewing Prevention Season had a good grip on things.
I've done lots of walking and a fair bit of manic stitching in my Quilty Quarters during this second week though, today I will make a Churndash Sandwich, more on that soon.
My shop needs a good clean up, a bit of a tidy up and change of quilts on display as it was left rather festively festooned. So I'll be popping in and out of my shop for the next few days, getting it all ready.
Opening properly and normally from Saturday 7th January, from 10am until 2pm, though I am happy to stay a bit longer if you call or message to ask me to.

Classes resume on Monday 9th, from the messages I've received, folk are happy about that.

In the meanwhile, here are some lovely piccies for you.

Bev spotted a Layer Cake of scrumptious Moda Flannel fabrics one day while packing up to go home after class. She returned the following week with a picture of a quilt she wanted to make, lick-etty-split! Have you looked through all the free patterns there are availabubble in the Moda Bake Shop? We tweaked the pattern to suit Bev's needs and ideas and off she went. Isn't is a fabulous design! We made a super easy, and fast to do, quilting plan while the sandwich was being made.

A big kiss on the back, made with the left over (bonus) Half Square Triangle units from 'snowballing' the corners of each 10 inch square, no waste on this project. A magnificent quilt made with much love. It's also fabulous and finished, toot toot toot Bev.

This was another last minute marathon, for Our PM Pam. The grey fabric, one with hares and one with swallows, arrived only a few weeks before Sewing Prevention Season but it just spoke to Pam. It whispered "Please make me into a gifting quilt, I will be perfect for your family." Really it did, and Pam heard every word. She dropped and stopped everything and committed to getting it done.
Toot toot toot Our Pam, a fabulous and super fast finish. A perfect family gift.

Last minute sandwich making, just before the shop closed for sewing prevention season actually. This is Christabelle's, it is a big one too. I think the intention was to quilt it over the holiday but we will have to wait to know whether that happened.

Rose isn't in a hurry with this lovely quilt. It's going to be gifted later on, as a Birthday surprise. Here Rose has done all the stabilising stitching so the quilt can have all the crusts trimmed off, the binding can be stitched on then Rose will go back to do a bit more quilting detail. 

One more very loud toot toot toot fanfare for Princess Jackie's, very cute, baby gifting quilt. Lot's of quirky detail added to the applique animal pictures, it's so lovely and finished just in the nick of time. 
There's sure to be one very happy baby when it sees this.

Right, that took me ages to write, this stupid computer is on it's last warning!

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