Sunday 8 January 2023

Stitching News

 Just a little catch up.

One of us had a lovely new Juki DX7 machine during Sewing Prevention Season. She'd played on my shop demo one for a few weeks then realised that she couldn't manage without her very own Juki! So she had to be given time to sew, it would have been rather rude not to really. Deb is super chuffed with her new baby and, as you can see, wasted no time at all in using lots of the decorative stitches and her very favourite, Blanket Stitch.

Christabelle sent this picture of her Log Cabin block progress. She did say she wasn't going to start it until her other quilting was done, she couldn't resist, ha! Wowsers those colours are fabulous. I am reliably informed that other Batik quilt quilting has been started too.

All Day Di is making more pieced blocks to use in a new Beautiful Batik table runner. She's gone triangle mad these days after all those thousands of Half Square Triangles she stitched for her last quilt.

Our PM Pam needs 12 of these Log Cabin blocks for her next quilt. Obviously she has a good 11 months to get this completed as it's a Christmas quilt. She's so happy not to be hiding what she's sewing!

Our Farmer Lynda is making a quilt for her very own self, that's a rarity. A lovely woodland themed sofa throw. We will all need to be snuggling under sofa throws now that energy costs too much. It's Art to keep you warm, win win!

A few days later, this picture arrived, doesn't it look lovely. Lynda needed to concentrate on the orientation of the triangles, On Point settings do need a bit of extra brain power. She did it though, Boom!!

The woodland fabric has the most lovely selvedge on it.
We were all oooh-ing and arrh-ing over it when it arrived.
Lynda loved it too, she's stitched a piece to her quilt top, excellent idea! 

My Classroom will be back in action from tomorrow, I will try to remember the photo snapping for you. We have a few new ladies starting to sew with us so that will be lovely. There can never be too many people on our dark side!

For anyone living closer to home,
 Social Stitching evenings will resume this week. 
I hope you can come, the more the merrier really. 

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