Monday 13 March 2023

Stitching News

Happy New week! We had a little snow disruption in the classroom last week which meant some folk couldn't get to class. The few that did make it had extra room and extra help so projects moved on at a pace.

Bev was able to lay out her penguin blocks with all the sashing and get the whole top stitched together. She returned the next morning to make a penguin sandwich!
Di is so pleased to have her Juki DX 7 with it's excellent hover foot feature. Tiny little pieces for applique need a change of direction on almost every stitch. One block finished, looking fabulous, and the rest of the book to go. Di is enlarging the original patterns 140% and still the pieces are tiny!

Cheryl Cheryl started this project last Saturday. She had purchased the pattern online but soon found the instructions were very vague. In class we did a bit of jiggery-pokery and made it work. Adding a beautiful batik border makes this a great sofa throw size. There was just time to make a sandwich.

We should have been away on a retreat this week but, annoyingly, it got cancelled. We were all going to work with the same pattern while we were there. Now obviously, we are not. Pam has continued with her quilt project and is almost done. She's retreating at home!

Louise Merlot stitched all the google-y eyes and other embellishment to her animals then added her borders. I had a perfect fabric for the back so Merlot made an animal sandwich followed by

A stained glass sandwich. How fabulous is that!! 
Merlot has a lot of quilting to be getting on with at home. 
I believe there's another top ready too.

I did say I expected a few sandwich making sessions soon didn't I.
I will be pushing the tables together again on Friday and Saturday this week so if you have a top ready to be sandwiched (Gail, Jackie, Sue?) just make a booking and we can get it done, ha!

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