Sunday 19 March 2023

Stitching News

Officially spring? Mother nature seems to have forgotten, ha!
At least the days are a good length now though eh.

Sister Susie sent these pictures of her finished Reading Pillow. How cute it that? Very! This side has the pocket for a book, it's where the middle strip is, just in case you hadn't guessed, look at that lovely rooooshed up stem!

This is the other side of Susie's reading pillow with our famous (??) hidden zip flap. What a lovely gift it is too. Fabulous and finished and ready for a toot toot toot Fanfare.

Farmer Lynda has been drawing and cutting and gluing all the bits for her latest project, A Pirate Quilt. She's been playing with her Juki stitches for the applique bits and found a perfect one for the rustic repairs on the sails. A random purchase of a Pirate panel happened too, just to get that perfect little flag bit!!

Jean Bean's gifting quilt is coming along nicely, now that is! As we are used to her randomly doing, Beano accidentally changed the size of the central star blocks, they are a bit bigger and a bit more splendid, than our original plan and so the sashing strips need to be longer, lots more mathemisms were needed. but we did it!

Are you thinking,
"Blimey Jackie, What a blooming mess?"
She always does this. 
Anyone else enjoy saving all the ends last?

Princess Jackie knows what she's doing and saves her favourite job until last, Nowt so funny as folk? Look at all those beautiful flowers! These are the original sized appliques. The bottom left block is finished, with the hand stitched detail, lovely.

Gail is on the home straight to finishing this. There's plenty of quilting done really and Gail will add more! If only to avoid getting back to working on her Shakespeare In The Park project. 
I haven't forgotten Gail!

Tina had never done 'sticky stuff' applique before. 
She's done a brilliant job with her blanket stitching.
This lovely, bright butterfly will be the focus on a new cushion.

Rose sent this picture from her holiday in Spain. 
She was sitting on the beach hand stitching her quilt binding.
What a life!!

Next Sunday, 26th March, is a Funday Sewday at Checkley Village Hall.
There's a bit of space left if you're interested. 07807530441, for more information.

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