Friday 19 June 2009

IWP Quilt Group

38+ degrees had all the quilters melting! No breeze, no clouds... and no end in sight... well, maybe for me because I only have 11 days left in Portugal.
Mario came to the Quilt Bar in Caxias to give us chance to play on the new Bernina 830.. WOW!! The first thing that struck me... it's smaller than I expected, still very big, but not huge, it's very heavy so you would have to have a second machine to take to classes and meetings .... of course all productivity stopped as we politely queued up to play.. Guess who was first in line? I jumped at the chance! he he he... It was so 'creamy' and 'smooth', all the space makes it easy to do free motion quilting...
Next to play was Ursula, while she was stitching she repeated over and over , "yes, oh yes, oh yes" very amusing because that is exactly what I was thinking... he he he. It is a solid machine, even on the wobbly table, probably due to it's weight. I was lost once Mario started to show all the stuff this 830 can do, it's not for the computer shy!!! ... but it doesn't make tea!
Maureen cut 98 blocks into 4 making 392 Bento Box blocks, this will be a kingsize quilt, her second project and Mareen is already saying "never again" ha ha ha

Irene finished this very cute (and fiddley!) friends picture.

Other ladies were working on stuff too but I didn't get pictures, Jackie did though, so pop over to the PIP blog a little later if you would like to see what the others are up to.

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