Thursday 4 June 2009

The New Quilt Cabin

This is the IWP quilt group safely installed in the new quilt meeting place "The Quilt Cabin", the name is still not decided but this is my choice, a bit like "The Quilt Cave" so I like it. Regina suggested " Quilt Hive" for all the busy bees, Therese chose "Quilt Bar".... so the jury is still out with so many choices, I also like "Patchwork Patio" ... It is a little snug but we had a lovely morning there. We raised our glass of champagne to toast the grand opening ,and then got down to business.....
Garen was teacher for this morning, it didn't take the ladies long to try to be teachers pet, did it?
Any way, we all learned how to draw and crayon our own pictures in order to quilt them, this is a great idea for kids.... I did one too... it feels funny being a student for a change!

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Vicki said...

Boy do I miss a group of quilters that has wine with their sewing! Just doesn't happen on this side of the pond. More than that, I miss all of you.