Sunday 21 June 2009

My Heroin

All of my stash is packed, most of my (lots of) bits and bobs are packed. The Berninas were packed.... ha ha ha ....
Did you see how I slipped that in there?" the Berninas WERE packed".
I've finished all the quilting projects that I wanted done before I move next week, so, over the last few days I packed up my sewing room.... lots of boxes of fabric!!!! this is just about 1/2 of it.
I took a little hand stitching to the group meeting on Thursday, so, apart from trying out the 830, I haven't sewn for days, too many days.
I was feeling so blue this morning, I OBVIOUSLY needed a "fix"... I am an addict after all....
So, I happily unpacked my Bernina and started on the crumb blocks .. the scrap drawer (not in a box) gave a huge sigh when I opened it up.... so now I am playing, I should be working for the move, but no... not today! I love blue but I love it for fabric not for me!!!

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