Friday 4 June 2010

Therese's Me, Me, Me, Quilt

Therese is a quilty friend of mine in Portugal. She's one of my converts, never sewn a stitch 'till she came to my quilting class. She is actually from Jordan, (an excellent cook and makes the best hummous in the world!) an air hostess in her time..... married a Portuguese pilot!.... how romantic is that? So, she's lived the wonderful Portuguese life for a very long time. She's made lots of quilts in her 4+ years as a quilt addict but every one has been gifted to members of her family.... that's why this quilt is so special, it's for Therese, all for her very own self!!!
If you want to see what the quilty ladies are up to these days in Portugal click here

*It's absolutely fabulous Therese, well done you!... Didn't I promise you that you would love your Bernina Baby?*

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coruja said...

Trabalho com muita imaginação e muito bonito.Parabéns.