Saturday, 19 June 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

A very very proud lady! ... and rightly so... Shirley Lerly has finished her Chunky Churndash quilt....Congratulations are in order, don't you think? Absolutely Fabulous... this is Lerly's first finish, if you click on it and take a closer look you will see the lovely quilting in the borders....

This is quilt number two, all Log Cabin blocks finished, design chosen by her daughter, which is very cool, haven't seen this done before. Shirley got all the rows stitched together, decided which fabric will be the border.. may be another sandwich for next week? Now that she has finished one, she is getting very excited to make one for every one in the world! ha ha ha... you know that feeling?? "I want to make this one and this one and this one next"!!!
AJ (Angela that's not me) finished all of the blocks for her Log Cabin quilt centre that she started on Tuesday at Uttoxeter. She's chosen a different layout which looks great, I wish I had a picture to show you, it had a secondary pattern emerging. Anyhow, the borders will be Flying Geese...AJ thinks they are a bit fiddly as they need to be cut very accurately.... (I thought we were cutting everything very accurately though?) but she did a great job and these blocks will look stunning on the quilt.
Joan The Shop has also done a lot of sewing this week... The top is finished, it's a 100"+ x 108" , hope I've remembered it properly. The requested colour scheme had been 'olive greens and mucky browns'... not what Joan had wanted to work with at all, she loves bright batiks! She threw in the batiks anyway, good for her I say! Stunning quilt eh? 'Twill be a formidable task to quilt it (... now I wanted to write ... 'it'll be a bugger to quilt'... but I don't want you all thinking I'm a 'potty mouth'...he he he, so I got out the thesaurus, formidable?... you decide, bugger fits though eh! forgive me, he he he)

It was noticed by some ladies, that my camera was not being clicked enough, so it got hijacked! This is me, myself talking (for a change!) about making sandwiches, masking tape and level edges on tiles! ha ha ha.... We covered everything from getting the quilt backing "straight, taught not tight".......
... to where to put pins, more or less, and how much fabric to catch on the pins... all very important if you want a flat quilt with no puckers, at least , that's how I do it, you can do it your way, no quilt police here....., (see my shiny hair in the photo?)

Barbie Bunny made a start on her shadow quilting, she sewed fine but the sewing machine wasn't playing nice with the walking foot... it's very frustrating when this happens, she will buy a 'proper walking foot' for next time... have you noticed the Galp gloves, free with fuel in Portugal you know!

Anne (but we like the sound of Annie) also completed her quilt top, made a sandwich and started the quilting, on a Bernina baby with a Bernina walking foot... oh so creamy and accurate... he he he (did I mention that I love Bernina??? ha ha ha).
Annie did tell me that she couldn't quite get 'why' we do things the way we do... but during the last week she has had several "moments" you know the ones.... for example... "ahhh, that's why we use 100% cotton"..." ahhh, that's what the pins are for" , "ahhh, that's why they need to be thinner pins", "ah, that's what Angie meant about the pressing & cutting, I see it now"... you following me? I love it when it clicks!!!

There were 12 of us in Caverswall Quilt Cave... Dotty has almost finished piecing the top of her stunning exhibit quilt, Brenda Barbara made 10 more Chunkies for her Churndash sofa throw, Helen made a good start on the quilting of her Fat Cat, Lauren and Gloria finished the top of their joint Rail Fence table runner, and..... we had another new lady, already a quilter, who shall be known from this day forward as... "Maid Marrion"! I love that.... he he he, She was making fabulous aprons to sell at a charity event coming up soon.

A fun filled, action packed day for everyone me thinks. By the amount of writing I have done here, you're probabubbly thinking I'm in a very chatty mood!! woooohoooo, we're going to a quilting day with the Rocheberie Quilters to work on quilts for injured servicemen and women, I hope they don't mind me talking...... he he he, for sure I just can't stop today wooohooo.


Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

I think I will just have to fly over there to your group.... you seem to have such a great time and achieve soooo much!!! All the quilts are looking great! One day we are coming over for Wimbledon and I will hopefully get to meet you all!!!

By the way, MH says I could talk under wet cement, so I guess you and I are a pair!!!

I just love reading all about your Caverswall Quilt Cave adventures!

Happy Sewing!

Dottymo said...

We are a fabtablimistic group and we all talk.

Helen in the UK said...

What fantastic progress has been made by all!! Particularly like the Chunky Churn Dash by Joan the Shop because it's the first time I've seen any setting different to the hourglass blocks used ... don't envy her the quilting of this monster though :)