Saturday, 26 May 2012

Friday Quilt Club

I have a few of these baby quilt panels for sale in my very own quilt shop. Maid Marion offered to make up a quilt for display to show how lovely they could look. Helen spotted a little quilty fun was to be had so she quilted one too. See how the different binding colours make a difference, the blue bits in the picture stand out with the blue-er binding and pink with... the pink, cool eh! Helen's baby quilt will be gifted, Marion's is for sale, can you guess where?
Joan The Shop has finished quilting her Jennie Rayment 'Twiddle and Fiddle' quilt. She put a zip into a piece of lovely green fabric and is turning this bright beauty into a cushion... The trouble is... she wants to make another, exactly the same .. but different and we can't remember how to do it... the workshop was in September 2010.. we've both had lots of sleeps since then!
Helen has started to join bits of her heirloom quilt together and to add the little fiddly details, actually Maid Marion has too... just look at the work involved... we were all wishing that the ladies had thought to keep a log of the hours they have worked... not to mention the money they've spent, to make the blocks. This is a mammoth project... no doubt never to be repeated! For now we just amaze at the fabulous work Marion and Helen are doing, they have done a lot of improvising so each quilt will be totally unique.
Dotty Maureen came to Quilt Club armed with her Bernina 440 QE and the little tin that contains her BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) she had been marking the centre of her wedding gift quilt over the last few meetings and now it was time to get stitching... this is the back of the quilt... didn't Dotty do well!!


Dottymo said...

Of course she did. She had a brilllliiiaaaant. Teacher with her very very own shop which sells nations and fabric

mumasu said...

Jenny Rayment can be found fiddling and twiddling at "just hands on tv" which is an online channel and there is a workshop on there giving details of how to do this :)

Helen said...

What wonderful work and I agree Dotty when you have a great teacher(who has her very own shop) you can't go wrong. I learnt a lot from Angel when she was here (PT). Bjs Helen