Monday, 7 May 2012

The Unmentionable Container Rescue

Lovely Lyn popped into My Very Own Quilt Shop on Saturday morning... to buy wadding!! (we have lots of different kinds of wadding to choose from you know) Apparently, Lyn had gone home on Tuesday feeling very inspired about her project and couldn't help but finish it... which is great news as it had been destined for the 'unmentionable container' before our Tuesday class. Doesn't it look luxurious!!! I suggested Faux Piped Binding with the purple as the main fabric and a little faux piping in the mucky green... I hope Lyn brings it with her next Tuesday so I can see what she decides... Thing is, if she doesn't bring it, I will know it didn't get piped won't I... ha ha ha... no pressure Lyn!


Dottymo said...

Lovely Lynn will have finished and be on a new project by tuesday at the speed this has gone together. The colours are fantastic in real life why do cameras make this effect on some materials and show others off so well?

Angie said...

To be honest Dotty... I don't think we should be blaming the camera! ha ha ha