Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Monday Stitching

Here we have Geoff's 6-Minute, 10 Minute Block quilt top, he was able to finish it for homework because he's been borrowing his wife's sewing machine... hmmm. Isn't it stunning with the bright golden-yellow next to the black inner border... fabulous. Geoff made a sandwich and started on the quilting.
Jean Bean continued to draw the template lines and cut up her project so that she could sew it all together again... I guess a none-quilter could think we were all balmy but... it's what we like to do. Jean had to be quite careful stitching these little twisted bocks together as each side is on the bias... she's very skilled though, so it wasn't a problem!
Bev set up a little production line. These tiny Log Cabin blocks, plus another 6, will be the front and back panel of her food processor/mixer cover... which is an upside-down Big Quilted Panel Bag really. I shared just a few trusty fudging tips to help Bev with her accuracy with the little logs, which paid off and actually speeded up the process.
Judith, as you saw in the previous post, finished her Hexagon quilt and has started another. The colours for this one are guided by a football team strip (I have no clue as to which team) The sashing strips were not lining up as they should have but, after a little spot of investigating, we found that the needle was still set to the middle, just 3 thread too wide for the scant 1/4" seam... That's all it takes, 2 or 3 threads can throw your pattern out.
Pam's picnic hamper will be the talk of the village very soon. With one of these beautiful little quilts inside as the base and another to cover the goodies inside, usually scones that I am reliably informed are delicious... Pam added Faux Piped binding (the tutorial is no longer available) it was a little fiddly but very well worth it. After class Pam purchased new fabrics ready to start another quilt... it's going to be bright!

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Dottymo said...

Beginners class. These quilts look like experts have made them and designed them congratulations to all.