Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Names For Quilts

My Mum Gwynneth finished her Siamese place mats... that just sprung into my head... two table place mats that are joined together in the centre... of course I could have just said "it's a caravan table topper", sometimes I like to amuse my very own self... The Churndash block is a time served favourite for lots of people and in that luscious green, it looks just lovely.
Charlotte finished her Railfence quilt top so she's ready for a sandwiching session, she's back at Uni. now so we can get that done for when she comes back... this type of quilt seems to be quite the thing to make of late... if you want to make a quilt for your very own bed and you're not wanting to work on a huge project... how about your very own Bed Scarf... it's the same as making a table runner but made bigger, wider and quite a bit longer, it will surely look very posh laid over your bed.

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Dottymo said...

The table cover looks great now it is finished. A bed scarf would keep feet warm as well as looking beautiful.