Monday 9 December 2013

Let The Fun Begin

We're just about to start the festivities we've arranged for Sewing Prevention Season. This week kicks us off with our fabulous Christmas Party at Caverswall Village Hall, our much loved Wednesday Quilt Cave....
This picture was taken during last year's party... Boy did we have fun!
In January 2012 we were snowed off so many times that we didn't meet at all in January 2013... but the weather turned out to be fine, with very little snow, so we had cancelled January Quilt Cave meetings for nothing. I think we've found the perfect solution for January 2014... We shall be having our Wednesday Quilt Cave meetings in my very own quilt shop, smaller and a little cosy but better than no meetings at all... that way, if the weather decides to play silly doodahs... we won't have to worry. I can walk the distance to my shop and if no-one else can get there... I will play in my very own shop all by my very own self.
This being the case, at the time of writing this blog post, My Very Own Patchwork And Quilting Shop will be open every Wednesday of January 2014.
Of course I reserve the right to announce that the snow is too deep, the ice is too scary or the fog is stopping me from seeing anything and I'm staying home!!!

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