Sunday 8 December 2013

Stitching News

Shirley Lerly made a beautiful sandwich. She's been working on a fabulous backing which will complement the front very well indeed. 
Now comes the task of quilting... whilst dreaming up her next project!
Do you remember Posh Lizi's quilt... the absolutely amazing Log Cabin quilt? It's had to be put on one side whilst Lizi did other, very important things, but... it's back on the finishing straight, right now!!
JennyFlower continues with her quilting, this is a large project so it's tricky getting through that little hole... can you see Jenny's matching her quilt with her gloves and jumper? How very chic.
Helen had decided to make more blocks to make this quilt even bigger... here it's having decisions made about the borders so I quickly snapped a picture... this quilt was top secret but it's been seen already so, I'm quite safe showing it to you.

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