Saturday, 21 December 2013

Stitching News With Tooting

Toot-e-t-ty toot toot
Joan The Shop finished something!!!
In her very own words too...
A fabulous... and finished, wall hanging
for our festive sewing prevention season
Toot toot toot Jenny Barlaston...
A fabulous and finished festive table runner...
 just in time to be gifted.
Barbie was quilting the final parts on her beautiful Bluebell quilt.
The binding is already on but Barbie had noticed that a few flower stems had missed the original quilting process, not a problem, we are allowed to go back and quilt more if we want to. 
Sporty Sue made her January calendar mini quilt...
 which reminds me that I haven't got a January yet.
There are some fabulous calendars in these here parts!
Thanks to the Art To Heart books
Chatty Cathy worked on a bag with a million pockets...
I exaggerate only slightly!
Without pictures I find patterns quite tricky to follow so I wasn't much use to Cathy. Luckily it was Dotty's quilting day... she knew what to do!

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