Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Michelle My Belle Tooting

This most beautiful project belongs to Michelle My Belle, it's a terrifficly-tootabubble quilt. Michelle used a Jelly Roll and a pattern in one of the Jelly Roll books, which required the addition of extra light and a dark fabric.
Michelle's very good at choosing fabric, she ponders carefully and auditions many different fabrics before settling on her choice.
It pays off thought eh!
A closer look at the quilting... Woooohooo for points and bellies! It is a very effective way of adding curves to a design... sort of an 'aim and fire' technic. Michelle also added free motion quilting... After stitching with her walking foot to set the area to be free-motioned with 'Jig-saw nipples'...

Have you tried Points and Bellies or Jig-Saw nipples? They are supper easy to do and we love them!

Michelle gifted this quilt to her Mum, who was very impressed!

All of these fabrics were purchased from a fabulous little shop in Cheadle Staffordshire, Called Angie's Patchwork and Quilting Shop. It's been open for two whole years now!!!


Anonymous said...

Love your quilt Michelle!

Angie, I thought you (and/or your beginner quilters) might be interested in seeing this free pattern from Windham for a 'modern' take on a rail fence quilt:

~Jillian in North Dakota, USA

Unknown said...

Thanks Jillian......I have to admit to finding it very difficult to xx