Friday 7 February 2014

Stitching News

Peggy almost finished quilting her beautiful kiddie play mat...
The basic blocks are the Railfence design but this setting, along with more than 3 fabrics makes the quilt play mat look completely different...
This is the fabric Peggy chose for her backing. It's been a tricky fabric to cut up for projects but makes an excellent choice for the back.... making this a double sided snuggle.
Michelle My Belle double bordered and sandwiched with fabulous, foxy woodland backing fabric. She spent the rest of her day quilting. Once again these new packs of 30 x 6" squares have been 'hot cakes'. If you're looking for a quick project, they may well be just what you need?
Brenda Barbara finished her beautiful Batik table runner top, sandwiched, quilted and stitched on her perfectly pinky-purple batik binding...
Brenda used both walking foot quilting and free motion quilting.
Lyn Scatterpin joined the two halves of her quilt centre together AFTER the two halves had been sandwiched and beautifully quilted... It's a tricky thing explaining how to do it, the joining I mean, but to actually watch it being demonstrated... it's quite easy, even the way I explain it!! ha ha ha
Jolly Jo started this quilt when Noah was a lad... OK I exagerate slightly, but she doesn't check the blog so I shall have my giggle!
She had come to a stage where she didn't quite know how to continue so took a long break from it... there's nothing wrong with a PhD or two!! (Project Half Done) Jo's figured out the problem/tricky bit now... watch this space... this quilt could be finished before the next Ark is built!! ha ha ha 

Let's face it... there's a blooming lot of rain falling these days! 

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