Wednesday 26 February 2014

Playing With Dresden Rulers

PM Pam delighted me when she opened up this little treat... The latest Mile-A-Minute quilt Pam made is wider than a width of fabric (WOF). I almost always say that if you are going to join fabric for the back of your quilt... make it look fabulous... like it was the plan all along. I suggested that Pam join a few more scraps together to make a panel to insert through her backing fabric and she made this... how very clever!!! Pam joined bits using her Mile-A-Minute and Crumb piecing skills then used her new Dresden Plate ruler to cut the up again... how extremely novel and wonderful is that idea???... I'm thinking that I want to play doing that too!!
PM Pam's new Dresden Plate ruler is getting a lot of use, two fresh new cushions have been produced, both with zips inserted beautifully in the backs. Pam's experimenting with the centre circle sizes, she prefers the smaller and my favourite is the larger... Do you have a favourite? I bet if Pam made a Dresden Plate cushion for you, you would be happy with whatever size centre it had...

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