Monday 12 May 2014

Diamonds In The Sky, A Tula Pink Kit

Finished, fabulous and totally toot-toot-able!! 
Angela popped in to my very own quilt shop one day last week... and when she produced this beauty from her bag, we all had to breath in for 10 minutes... at least 10 minutes!... then we let out our "WOW"'s

Wow... wow, wow!
Of course I had to get a close up...
Angela found that the kits didn't have quite enough of one of the colours so she purchased a charm pack to keep the pattern just the way she wanted it.
With the left overs she got creative to make a fabulous backing...
Let's just "WOW"... one more time... he he he
I have more kits in stock... might you be tempted?

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