Friday 23 May 2014

Time For More Tooting

Giggly Gillian is back from her travels. What a great way to get back to 'normal life'... finishing your quilt and enjoying the whole quilty world raising their shiny trumpets to give a loud toot toot toot for your fabulous and finished project... 
A beautiful quilt it is too.
Not only a beautiful front but a fabulous backing to boot. All finished of an extremely posh border and binding treatment. Gillian plans to keep this quilt, all for her very own self, and who could blame her!
Toot toot toot time for Gail too. She's been working on this quilt after a lady requested it as a commission! How very fabulous for someone to ask you to make a gorgeous and very special quilt because they have seen your lovely work?
Another beautiful backing was made. Gail used up all of her left over Pin-Wheel blocks, lovely eh? You can see the quilting too...
 I shall toot toot toot again for this lovely backing Gail. Love it!
 I think we make the backs of quilts look really good. When the sales guys call on me, in my very own shop, to entice me to purchase their fabrics and doo-dads, they always show me the 'extra wide backing' fabric. Why would I purchase it though?... We have as much fun making up lovely backings as we do the tops of our quilts, it would crush some of our creativity, I'm sure! I love pieced backing! Do you?

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