Saturday 3 May 2014

Yoooohoooo... Stitching News

First a fine fanfare for a fabulous, frilly edged, finished quilt...
Toot toot toot... Just Jan wanted frills in place of the standard binding. It was tricky but, you can see, she managed it and it looks great.

Christabelle spent her afternoon quilting this fabulous Feathered Star.
All the ladies made such beautiful blocks continuing from our workshop we had recently with Dawn Cameron-Dick
I think Jeannette might be the only one who decided to make more than one though... she made 4 and they will be turned into a large bed quilt... we are not quite sure how yet, but it will be quilted and joined ... apartment-ly!

I hope you are delighted to see that I blogged? My Carpel Tunnel operation was great, fingers are wiggling nicely and the palm of my hand is a lovely blue-y-greenish-purple! Of course, I still can't do any chores!!!

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Maggi said...

Glad to hear the op went well. What a pity you are not recovered enough to do the chores though :D