Sunday 18 May 2014

Stitching News

Jeannette Dilly, Daughter In Law... 
(Jeanette Milly is Mother In Law... seems some were getting confused with the only difference between the two ladies being one 'N'!) wanted to make a large quilt for gifting with only a small amount of time. She chose a great fabric with large and quite beautiful flowers, which were fussy cut to get those gorgeous blooming larger blocks. The top was finished lickety-split and Jeannette sent it away to be professionally quilted for fear that she would run out of time.
Here's a closer look... beautiful fabrics and lovely computer quilting done at Quilter's Trading Post, who very kindly squeezed the quilt in to their very busy schedule. Jeannette's very pleased with the quilt...
 It's fabulous and finished ready for gifting with days to spare! Toot toot toot...
Jenny Barlaston received a lovely gift of a Charm Pack . Not wanting to leave it in a drawer while decissions were made for it's use, she decided that she would make one of our 'Tote Bag From A Charm Pack' totes. She says if you love a Charm Pack so much as to not want to cut it up or to make a quilt with it... make the tote...
then you can love your Charm Pack fabrics every day!

Jeanette Milly continues to make up 18" blocks with her sewing machine.
She says there's no real planning for colour placement, she picks the fabrics from her pile, randomly... it's working well eh! Jeanette only needs 12 blocks for this project.
Sheila has been commissioned to make another banner. This will be the centre and, quite honestly... and you probably won't believe me, this is the easy bit!
You should, and will, see what Sheila is having to do next...
That lady has a bucket full of patience.
Jeannette Dilly is delighted with the way the quilting is showing up on the back of her block. Each large Feathered Star block is going to be quilted then joined together with sashing... which makes it much easier to quilt around all those fabulous little triangles
She's changing thread colour for each section, red, white or blue which,
although a lot of people don't like the faff of doing that... is making all the difference, well worth the effort... so say I, it's my very own opinion.. remember that we always encourage PMS! (Pleasing My Self!)
We have a new lady, Louise. She took to rotary cutting just like she was born to do it! Here she's pinning her sandwich together with Jenny's help... ready for quilting, which she started and will continue at home... once her Brother walking foot arrives!
As I mentioned above, we almost always encourage PMS... which is a great because Josie pleases her very own self all the time... it's wonderful to be so relaxed about the end results... Josie only just realised that both of her quilts will be about 60" square when finished, they didn't look that big in the picture! ha ha ha ha
This, Josie's Cat Quilt... has Broderie Anglais for one of the borders just because she has loads and thought it would be perfect... Josie is working on both quilts at the very same time and she's adding lovely little details as she sews.

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