Sunday, 11 January 2015

Stitching News

Joan The Shop's breathing well so she was able to join us. 
She's continuing with her very beautiful, Stack-N-Whack Kaleidoscope project. Adding the borders to all the blocks with the correct corner stones can be a tricky business... when you've got great conversation to catch up on!
Lou Lou brought her large quilt to class to do the quilting on...
 but put it away, Lick-etty-Split when she saw my lovely new cushion... 
(you haven't had that pleasure yet) she wanted to make cushions too. Here's one ready to be quilted... instant satisfaction comes with a cushion top! 
Barbie made matching cushions with her left over fabrics. The Chunky Churndash quilt was ready to be sandwiched but there wasn't quite enough space to do that job.
Maddie made this fabulous hare for Barbie to use as a pin cushion... it's so large that Barbie may never manage to loose him! It's amazing how pleasurable it can be to stick pins into the plump behind of a hare called Graham!
Sandwich Saturday saw several quilts being pinned. This one belongs to PM Pam, who sandwiched two projects actually... this particular quilt of Pam's is a favourite of mine... I love the Dresden Plate and I love Art Gallery fabrics... win win!!
See, Barbie came back the very next day after Friday Quilt Club to get her sandwiched made... through wind, hail, rain, and all... she battled the elements and even travelled on the rickety bus!!!We quilters show amazing stamina and perseverance when we want our projects done!! ha ha ha

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