Friday 30 January 2015

Stitching News

Our Sheila finished all the hand stitching on her Quilt-As-You-Go, apartment joined Batik Beauty and I declare that it is Fab-u-lous and Finished Toot Toot Toot!!
I must stress that, even though it looks great here, it's even better in real life... 
This is the back, if there is indeed a back to this quilt? 
Sheila has agreed to allow her quilt stay in my lovely little quilt shop for a short while so that, should you wish to come to see it for your very own self, you can. 
Oh... lets just toot toot toot for the back too!
Di Butterfly is on an applique roll... these plant pots are not for growing mustaches though, he he he... they are the lovely leaves for pretty flowers. There will be a little hand embroidery too, at least for the stems. 
Josie Juki has been wanting to make new cushions for a while. With so many styles and colours of fabric to choose from in my very own shop, fabric choices were tricky... that huge decision has now been made!
Diane made a great backing and, because a few ladies couldn't get to us for the snow... there was room to make a sandwich. 
Di quilted the afternoon away, while the snow thawed! 
What a fabulous quilt... baby arrived already... so there's not too much pressure Di!
Fahmida couldn't get the tension right on her new sewing machine while she was practicing her free motion quilting... So she purchase another new machine... a tad extravagant? Yes! It didn't make any difference, didn't solve the problem at all.  
So she booked a class to get help. The problem was soon sorted out with a new needle and different, good quality thread... sometimes you just need the right tools for the job... she practiced, and did ever so well.

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