Thursday 4 June 2015

Stitching News

Just Edna spent the whole day stitching... she chose quite a dense pattern for her strippy blocks so it takes a long time to do each one... they look great, that's for sure... but blimey... it's going to take quite a lot of hours to do them all....
Come on Just Edna... We know you can do it!!
Lady Judith had our resident artist, Jean Bean, draw up a few letters so that this lovely little quilt can be personalised... Charlotte... so there're lots of letters involved. They're now having the blanket stitch treatment on the edges.
No I Clare must have been making Half Square Triangles (HST's)  in her sleep because there are loads to play with now... she made great progress in stitching them together into 9-patch units, and similar... a very cute and rather dottie little design, the plan is to make a lap size quilt. 
Princess Jackie spent a good chunk of her day quilting this beauty... There's a little tiny bit of pressure on Jackie to produce top standard work now that she has her very own Winner Rosette and engraved plate to prove how lovely her work is...
Jackie's applique is always top standard, you must have noticed that?
Giggly Gillian came to class with an arm full of American flag fabric, musical instrument and a few other oddities of fabric, wanting a quilt design to incorporate all of them... we came up with a rough plan and work has started... the quilt will be made and quilted in four quarters then stitched together appartment-ly, to keep the quilt sizes manageabubble
Christabelle searched T'Interweb for some real vintage Winnie The Pooh fabric. It actually came from over the pond and Chris is very happy with it... it's tricky using a fabric that you don't want to cut up and you would like to have some left over!! We did a great job choosing the co-ordinating fabrics didn't we!
Back in August 2014, Jean Bean told us all about the Festival Of Quilts Linus Quilt challenge for 2015...  read about it here  She's collecting Homes and Gardens blocks and will deliver them to the Linus ladies on 9th August...
This is Just Edna's block, quite lovely it is too.
If you want to join in with the challenge, but you are not able to go to the Quilt Show to take your own block(s), you can bring them, or send them of course, to my very own quilt shop and Jean will take them for you.
In between helping all of our lovely customers with their purchases (and badgering them into making house blocks) on Tuesdays and Mondays, this is what Jean is making... extremely cute little Churndash blocks, made with a Charm Pack. There's no rush to make them so Jean is taking her time... well... it's gardening season so there's not going to be much stitching done at home!

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