Friday 29 January 2016

Stitching News

Longport Lynda had been gifted a Tapestry Kit... 
It was to be made into draught excluder (a door snake in my house!) She loved the colours and didn't want to use this beautiful Tapestry for it's proposed purpose... 
so we figured out how to make this  fabulous bag, Lynda loves it!

Gail is making two Twister Heart cushions for gifting to two different ladies... 
She's got on very well in the making, they look great don't they... 
can you guess for when she needs them to be finished... 
hearts... a clue!

Jeannette Dilly treated herself to a stitching day. Amongst other things, she made up this cushion front and prepared all the bits for three more. Her lucky mother will have a full set of four cushions, with zips! gifted to her, what a wonderful daughter!
I chose not to crop this photo... doesn't my shop look well stocked!!

Dilly also made this little Ballerina Bag inspired by the one my Mum Gwynneth made on Saturday which is hanging front and centre in my shop. Dilly used slightly different fabrics and it looks just as loveabubble, don't you think?
Oh no... I forgot to crop the photo again... What a lot of patterns I have on my wall! They have 10% off, it's true, but only until the end of the day tomorrow as February starts on Monday.

These next two pictures are little quilt tops that Peggy is working on stitching.
I finally made up the new I Spy packs, there's a lot of cutting involved.... I'd barely finished bagging and labelling them before they started to leave the shop...

Peggy purchased one pack of 30 different fabric squares, all 6" cut... but instead of making one play mat she's making the two... they will be lovely little treasures for any toddler that receives them. Peggy almost always gives her work to the Donna Louise Foundation... what a lovely lady! what lovely quilts they will be.

Our Sheila is so enthused with her new Batik Quilt-As-You -Go blocks... she can barely leave them alone. Lots of stitching has been done at home and the pace in class continued... binding has been selected too... more as it happens!

Margaret needed a quilt sandwich making with her dinosaur quilt... my beautiful Batik fabrics make perfect co-ordinating 4-Patches for the dinosaur print main fabric, even though it wasn't purchased from my very own shop... time to get quilting!
The green chair looks great too!

Steph came to make a sandwich... now she's a lady that loves Batik fabric... This quilt would surely get anyones heart leap-itty-leaping as they wrapped up in it on the sofa... happy bright colours will do that eh!

It's mean pickings for you this week... quantity of course not quality!.. It's a whole week's pictures in one post... I'm sort of sorry about that... but I'm not really sorry to have been way too busy to think about taking blog-a-bubble pictures...
My lovely little quilt shop has welcomed many new visitors so far this year... It's great to have new people coming to visit... yeeeha.... we never can have too many crafty stitchers, can we?
So, I make no promises, but I will at least try to take more pictures next week.... I will leave my little Purple Camera everywhere in the Classroom and maybe someone will snap a photo or two for us... if I forget, and we all know that I do!

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