Sunday 28 February 2016

2 And 9, Twenty Nine, updated

Would you like to know how many ways I found to use the leaping of the year 29th... 2 and 9?
29% off some fabrics, thread and wadding
2.9% off some fabrics and wadding
29p off some button packs and some threads and things
£2.9 off some things and threads...
2 x 9% off some things... totalling an 18% discount
I hope we can cope with the mathemisms tomorrow
If you come to my shop on the 29th and play the 2 and 9 shopping game and IF you happen to spend more that £50 you could win a Goldfish in a paper bag!!!
Not a real one of course, we ate the real ones... with chips!!!
See you tomorrow... back to normal on Tuesday the first of March... it's a one day event... you have to be in it, to save it... it is My Quilt Shop!!!!!

Oh my aching feet!!!
Thank you for all your support
What a fun day!!!!
Thank goodness we have 4 years to recover before we have to do it again..... ha ha ha

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