Wednesday 3 February 2016

Stitching News... Long

Just Edna was stripping!!
With all the Gypsy Wife blocks completed it's the only thing left to do...
Strip! Add a strip... and a strip and another strip.

Christabelle is quilting another of her very own designs...
Tailor made with much thought and ponderment...
 It's going to be perfect for it's recipient

We're conjuring up a fabulous design for Lady Judith's King sized quilt...
We're adding inner border stips in yellow,
Then there'll be green, red and purple added... and maybe more!
You may well need sunglasses for this one!

Fruity Rose chose perfect fabric and added her binding strips. The hand stitching is a perfect watching TV distraction for evenings at home so Rose packed it away and soon moved on to another project

Barbara BEW is making these blocks with the help (?) of a free pattern in a magazine... (why we think they are free when we buy the magazines, I don't know) anyway... don't the blocks look fabulous made in the Batik beauties from my very own shop!

Some customers are happy to be teaching their very own selves how to make quilts... and why not... you know we promote PMS (Pleasing My Self) I bet you can't guess who this lovely, customers own design quilt is being made for?? ha ha ha

Fran Cupcake is possibly the most generous person in the world that I ever met.
Fran wanted to make cushions for gifting using these lovely little bird fabrics.
We came up with this great design to incorporate all of them...
Toot toot toot Fran... fabulous and finished... I'm sure there were two!!

PM Pam spent her day stripping too... strip quilting that is, on her Gypsy Wife quilt... she's got lots of quilting to do having decided to Stitch In The Ditch... of course we know it's Ditch Hopping... but Pam's really good at it!

Gail needs a toot toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished Twister Heart cushion... Gail made two of them, the other one in ravishing red fabrics, and it's in my shop for you to visit with... if you would like to!
Here's the link to the Twister Valentine Heart Cushion tutorial

AnnBacan has been working on this project for ever!
Finally, the blocks are ready and she was able to start joining then into rows with a lovely cream on cream fabric. More on this as/if it happens.

Princess Jackie made a project without applique! Wow.
She was careful to fussily cut the large squares of main focus fabric and then alternated them with delightful pinwheels.. tricky centres... but worth it!

New Sue is preoccupied with life at the moment so... she needed to stitch... and stitch she did... this quilt is one Licketty-Split project... started only on Saturday this last weekend!!! The sandwich will be made on Saturday too, even though the back wasn't ready at time of booking the table... speedy piecing, great to temporarily settle your mind... I promise you, it works!

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