Friday 19 February 2016

Green Tea And Sweet Beans, By Sue

Isn't this quilt just wonderful!!!
The pattern is beautiful, agreed?
Sue's version is amazing, yes?
Well I think it is absolutely fab-u-lous and, as it is now finished... we shall form a long line and blow out a trumpetoscious fanfarioious fanfare... toot toot toot-etty toot toot toot
Sue's quilts are amazing... The attention to detail, the carefully chosen fabrics etc... lovely
Here are a few closer pictures so that you can see the detail...

 and the quilting!!! Look at the back!!

The pattern Sue used is another from the wonderful Jen Kingwell, Green Tea and Sweet Beans the link is here though I do have it in stock in my wonderful Quilt shop...

You must all have gathered by now that New Sue is rather prolific in the quilt making department... She finished this one too...
Toot toot toot New Sue, another beauty!
This quilt has been made with lots of love... for gifting.
and the back...
 to show you the lovely overlapping heart shapes Sue stitched for the quilting
I never want you to feel that speed is necessary, quilts can also take years and years to make, so long as you love what you are making, time is of no importance!... well unless you have no time then it can feel pretty darned important!! ha ha ha
But there is one thing... the quicker you stitch the more fabric you will need... the more fabric I will sell so... the more new fabric I will order for you to choose from... and the more I might grumble at lack of space and the more times I will have to fill those Temptation Trolleys!! I will tell you about those some time on Sunday!!

Sue is in a stitching groove at the moment She has this quilt top on the go too!!
The About A Boy collection... we love it!

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Maggi said...

Beautiful quilts by Sue but the first one is stunning.

When I used to buy commercial fabric I also liked to take my time with the making. The result was that I bought the fabric for the next project anyway, in case it wasn't there when I was ready. I suspect I might have been your ideal customer back in those days!